Why a Support Group?

Who knows more about Parkinson’s than the people who live with it and their care partners who help with the challenge?

A support group brings together people with a common bond and provides a setting for constructive dialog. Many people, after their first visit to a Parkinson’s support group event, say “And I thought I was the only one with this problem!”

See Support Group Meetings to find a support group near you.


Our Parkinson’s Network North Support Groups:
  • Are a powerful source of connection, information, and coping strategies for people with Parkinson’s and their care partners;
  • Bring together people who share a common bond of understanding.
How Our Support Groups Can Help, Or, “Here’s What I Did and it Worked”:
  • Realization that others have similar concerns;
  • Information about new research and scientific advances;
  • Camaraderie, friendship, encouragement.
Our Support Groups Provide:
  • Schedule of regular meetings;
  • Social gatherings and special outings;
  • Volunteer opportunities;
  • Opportunity to participate in clinical research trials;
  • Current lists of national, state and local resources;
  • And much more.
The Biggest Gift of All – Knowing You Are Not Alone!
  • A Support Group IS NOT a “pity-party”;
  • A Support Group IS a group of friends who support and help each other;

So, come out, participate, volunteer, move large, sing loud, and have some fun!